Geodynamic processes and mountain building

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Educational Resources

The idea of putting educational resources online came about during the Covid-19 pandemic. Like everyone else, we had to adapt our teaching, which required many more digital resources. We want to pool this effort by sharing certain resources. Actually material is available only in french and in german, But it is taking time, be patient and come back regularly ...


Eocene fossils

Figures, diagrams, maps, ... are indispensable for our geology teaching. Like scientific knowledge, our teaching materials evolve over time, but not all at the same speed! Please be indulgent.

If you use these resources, please cite this site and any other references. These documents have required some work by their authors. They will appreciate it. Thank you.

Available resources

Figures, diagrams and photos, the work of the site's contributors, for the teaching of geology at different levels.

Documents relating to field courses with students during various internships in France, Switzerland, Spain and Cyprus.

Here are a few examples


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